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Singapore Writers Festival 2019:Festival Debate - This House Believes That Men Are Ruining Feminism
Singapore Writers Festival 2019:Festival Debate - This House Believes That Men Are Ruining Feminism
ADDO's Masterworks Concert
Storytelling - Preservation of Sites & Monuments
Artist-in-School (English Department)
Singapore Writers Festival - Workshop Leader & Panellist
AFCC - Presenter & Moderator
Project Infinitude links with GoSpace in Alice Springs
Words Go Round Teachers Workshop
MPA's Sea Dreams: Musical Storytellng Performance at VivoCity
Sayang Singapura
National Gallery
Words Go Round School Session
National Museum - Singapore Heritage Festival
OH Cards Workshop
Hyderabad Literary Festival
Singapore River Festival
ELIS conference in celebration of 50 years of English in Singapore schools - photograph courtesy ELIS
Never Mind Girl meets Wolf Khan from the DMZ
Pustaka Bookaroo Kuching
Adult Volunteers Workshop at the National Museum
The Third International Storytellers Festival in Thailand - picture courtesy Uncle Fat Chen Ming Hsiang
Little Lit! Singapore Writers Festival
Launch of International Day of Older Persons - picture courtesy National Council of Social Service
Teachers Workshop
National Education Storytelling Workshop for Teachers
UNCRC Storytelling - Children's Season at the National Museum of Singapore
NLB-NAC's Craft & Stories at Jurong Regional Library in collaboratgion with Merry Motion
Turning Oral Tales Into Written Wonders
UNCRC Public Storytelling Sessions

Current events

Asian Civilisations Museum
Family Fun
Better Together - Children's Season 2020

Rosemarie presented her case at AWAREFEST
The Great Debate: Is Love or Rage a Better Fuel for Justice?
Wed, 25 Nov | 8PM - 10PM
Verdict : Rage won!!

Story Time with Rosemarie Somaiah
Join Aunty Rose as she takes you on a journey to India with stories of the clever and witty Tenali Raman.
View video

Speak Good English Movement - Home | Facebook
Stories: Let's Connect!
Episode 6: In this episode of Stories, Rosemarie Somaiah reads her short story "The Never Mind Girl"
View video

Speak Good English Movement - Home | Facebook
Stories: Let's Connect!
Episode 13: Fried Eggs (Written by Suchen Christine Lim, read by Rosemarie Somaiah)
View video

The 3rd KOREA International Storytelling Festival
Stories: A Voyage of Hope!
View video

The Never Mind Girl and Other Stories
An independent book review
AFCC blog book review
Kitaab book review 2017
Purchase online with Ethos Books here
Recommended for Primary/Lower Secondary students. The book is available at
Kinokuniya, Select Books, Books Actually and Grassroots Book Room.

The Storytelling Song by RS & Friends

▤ ♪ Lyrics and Score♬ ▤

Past events

MOE School Cluster Teachers Workshop
READ! Singapore
Storytelling as a Teaching Strategy - MOE Staff Training Branch
Story Voyages at School Assembly
Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference
Spotlight Singapore at Johannesberg South Africa
UNCRC Outreach Programme - Stories from MJ's Classroom
Telling Tales on the MRT Trains. (picture courtesy SMRT Corporation)
Singapore International Storytelling Festival
The Esplanade - Octoburst
Never Mind Girl book launch - Singapore Writers Festival
Bookaroo Festival of Children's Literature

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The Straits Times Why Music Matters: Episode 5 - May 2020

Singapore Writers Festival 2019 Debate

Project Infinitude

Sea Dreams - Apr 23 & 24, 2017

Words Go Round 2017 Programme Link
WGR 2017 Facebook post

Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival 2016

The Select Club Book of the Month July 2016

Ethos After Words - Writing for Children: Perils & Pitfalls

Hyderabad Literary Festival 2016 newspaper report

Sayang Singapura <Origins> at the Arts House. An SG50 event

VIEW the KITAAB (Sep 2015) interview with Rosemarie

30 years of Society of Reading & Literacy: 6 FREE Storytelling Workshops


IBBY 2014 article: The changing role of story in Singapore - A storyteller reflects

Highlights from WGR 2014 - courtesy NAC

Bookaroo Kashmir 2013

21st Century Singapore Writing - 4 Local Poets Aug 2012

Storytelling with ACE at NUS Arts Festival Mar 2012

Workshop at ELIS Launch & Conference 6-7 Sep 2011

Putting Singapore on the Map

The Kindest Meal - Happy Meals at Street 11

Visit to Max Webber Libarary in Blacktown, NSW, Australia

“ There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories. ”
Ursula K. LeGuin