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The Team

Kiran Shah

Kiran Shah is a teacher-trainer, a bookseller and a storyteller. She began her professional life as a social worker with what is now called MINDS in Singapore. She moved into the field of early childhood education training when she did her Montessori training in the U.S. and subsequently worked in pre-school settings in the U.S., Singapore, Japan and Sri Lanka. She taught English for two years to primary level pupils at the Singapore Japanese School.

After obtaining her Master's degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education, she has been training teachers in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Kiran founded the Asian Storytelling Network with Sheila Wee and together were at the forefront of the revival of storytelling in Singapore. They jointly organised five highly successful 32-hour storytelling courses for the National Book Development Council. They founded a storytellers' circle, which meets monthly to provide a platform for adults to gain storytelling skills. They were also involved in the planning of the storytelling components of the 1st Asian Children's Festival and worked closely with the National Book Development Council on the organisation of the Asian Congress of Storytellers, which has since been held annually.

Kiran's work as a professional storyteller takes her to schools, libraries, museums, shopping centres, festivals and other community events, telling to both children and to family audiences. She has conducted storytelling workshops in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia and has performed twice at the Australian National Storytelling Festival in 2003 and 2005, at the Jakarta Children's Festival in 2005 and at the Isle of Skye's gathering of storytellers in Scotland in 2006.

Kiran has now relocated to Australia. She continues her association with Asian Storytelling Network and is available for workshops and performances on her visits to Singapore.

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" The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. "
Muriel Rukeyser, American poet